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The hidden £7.2bn the UK sends the EU

UPDATE: Very helpful Twitter folk reckon tariffs may have been included in the gross contribution already as the ‘traditional own resource’ portion… except the figures online seem to think that only came to £2.6bn/yr. The mystery continues… UPDATE2: Statistica reckon the UK raised about £3bn from import duties. Quite the difference to the £9bn HMRC told me. Did HMRC make a mistake? UPDATE3: This report from the Treasury (opens as […]

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No, Britain has not fallen.

Snowflake. It’s a good word, efficiently describing the delicate portion of the Left who demand that anything that might threaten their faux-liberal echo-chamber is banned in advance, just in case they hear something that causes them to – God forbid – change their mind about something. But what I hadn’t realised was that there are plenty of snowflakes on the so-called Right too. As expected, there were various reactions to the horrendous Westminster […]

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Why the “meaningful vote” amendment verged on traitorous

The Lords proposed an amendment – which Labour and the Lib Dems backed in the Commons – demanding that, after the negotiation with the EU has been completed, Parliament must have a “meaningful vote” on the deal before we leave. They have already been promised this – a vote on the deal which, if they reject, means we leave with no deal. But that’s not what they want. They want […]

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The real NHS funding gap

I was watching BBC Question Time a few of weeks ago, and Owen Smith – you remember, the utter failure who tried to unseat Jeremy Corbyn as leader last year by copying him in every way – was banging on that we, as a nation, spend an awful lot less money on healthcare than the OECD average, and it’s the nasty Tories’ fault. All part of an evil scheme to privatise the […]

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The BBC’s anti-Brexit Slough propaganda backfired

I was thumbing through the BBC News app and came across an article called “Slough: What is it like to live in an ‘immigration town’?” The article was tagged simply under ‘Brexit’. It was an article to entice us in to watching a Panorama episode about Brexit Britain (and how we all became horrid racists on the morning of 24th June, I expect. I haven’t watched it). I live close to Slough […]

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