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When should we stop blaming Labour?

A blue-ticked Sky News editorial assistant named Mollie Goodfellow tweeted (and then deleted) a question on the Prime Ministers Questions hashtag today. “At what point can we stop talking about “what we inherited from Labour” it’s been 7 years #PMQs” she asked. Let’s ignore the obvious and all-too-familiar left-wing bias, and assess the question, shall we? Thankfully, the data is readily available online,¬†and I eagerly encourage Ms Goodfellow to take […]

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Let’s talk about the Bank of England growth ‘downgrade’

Bank of England downgrades growth forecast for 2017!! That’s the headline the media have chosen to run with. Cue undisguised glee from the anti-Brexit brigade, who leap on anything they can twist as ‘bad news’, cuddling it and stroking it like Gollum with his precious. Of course, they ignore that he says the financial services sector in the UK could double in size over the next 25 years. Let’s look […]

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Labour’s new tax plans show why socialists always run out of money

Labour has announced two new policies. First, they want to add VAT to private school fees and use the revenue to fund free school meals for all primary school children. Second, they want to increase tax on private health insurance, and use the revenue to fund the abolition of parking charges at hospitals. These are both incredibly stupid ideas. Put aside the fact that poor children already get free school […]

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A note to the ‘..but we haven’t left yet’ brigade

The conventional wisdom among the media, opposition politicians and the hyper-aggressive social-media based Remain supporters (that I now call “Remain Ultras”) is that the Leave campaign only won because it lied, and that Leave voters were too stupid to realise. (It’s worth noting here that I don’t mean all Remain voters. The vast majority have accepted the result and rightly expect the government to crack on. I’m talking about Remain […]

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It’s official – Labour want to give the EU a veto on Brexit too.

Update: Labour’s manifesto has been leaked. In it, they confirm what is in this blog. In a previous blog post, I explained how the Lib Dem plan for a second EU referendum with an option to remain gave the EU an effective veto on Brexit. Today, Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer outlined what Labour would do if they won the upcoming election. He was absolutely clear when he […]

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The Lib Dems want to hand the EU a veto on Brexit

Update: This has now been confirmed in their manifesto. Tim Farron and his band of merry opportunists are advocating a second referendum on the ‘Brexit deal’, with an option to remain. This is not as reasonable as it sounds, and would¬†ultimately be a huge betrayal of British voters. Think about it. If the EU knows that there will be a referendum on the Brexit-deal, and that if it is rejected […]

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