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Wages are going up due to Brexit. Good news, right?

I have long wondered just how far the Remain-supporting media would go to talk down Brexit. Well, they sunk to another new depth today as the news broke that due to the Brexit vote, new jobs are offering higher wages.

The story is that due to the Brexit vote, fewer EU nationals are coming here and as a consequence there are fewer applicants for each new job. This means that rather than people competing for the jobs, jobs are starting to have to compete for people, so they have to offer higher wages. This is exactly what Leavers said would happen, and we were laughed at, insulted and called racist. Unsurprising really, when the best come-back people could come up with was “who will be serving our coffee in Pret? Who will be selling us our sandwiches?!”

This kind of wage growth is what should organically happen anyway when a country gets to an unemployment rate as low as ours, but it hasn’t happened because we’ve had a virtually infinite source of cheap labour for businesses to draw on. This is why the Left bleat on that the job figures are somehow fake – they know wages should be increasing, but because they generally support the EU and support poverty pay provided it lets them get their Pret in the morning, they make up a lie about the jobs figures instead.

It’s worth noting that we haven’t even left yet, and just the sentiment of ending freedom of movement is causing wages to rise. If the government play their cards right, wages could well boom in post-Brexit Britain.

So this is good news, right? Not if you read the Indy, it isn’t. They’ve predictably – and depressingly – gone with the ‘bad news’ vibe, despite the final sentences being irrefutable good news:

“The survey said rates of pay for both permanent and temporary staff are rising due to the fall in the number of job applicants, pushing starting salaries to their highest in 20 months.

It also noted that UK employment figures received a further boost as the number of permanent jobs grew at their highest rate in over two years and unemployment at its lowest since the 1970s.”

Brexit voters – continue to hold your heads high. You’ve just been proven right, yet again.


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