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A note to the ‘..but we haven’t left yet’ brigade

The conventional wisdom among the media, opposition politicians and the hyper-aggressive social-media based Remain supporters (that I now call “Remain Ultras”) is that the Leave campaign only won because it lied, and that Leave voters were too stupid to realise.

(It’s worth noting here that I don’t mean all Remain voters. The vast majority have accepted the result and rightly expect the government to crack on. I’m talking about Remain Ultras – you know the ones)

Naturally, Leave voters defend themselves. Not only do they point out that many of the supposed “lies” made by the Leave campaign were not “lies” at all, they also point out the myriad of actual lies put out by the Remain campaign.

The main planks of Project Fear were predictions of instant economic catastrophe if we were so petulant as to disobey our Westminster and Brussels-based betters and actually vote to leave. As we all know, the predictions of doom turned out to be completely false.

Given that fear of economic woes was the top reason Remain voters gave when asked why they voted Remain, it’s a fair to assume that if the Remain campaign had predicted what actually happened, Leave would have won by a much greater percentage.

So, how do the Remain Ultras respond to that?

They say, “Duuh, but we haven’t left yet!!” as though that excuses all of the predictions by Remain being wrong. Only one problem with that, folks – it doesn’t.

If you look at the Treasury document that predicted an immediate recession, surge in unemployment and stock market & property market crashes, it says this:


“A vote to leave”

Whoops. Surely an oversight though, right?


If you do a search on the policy document for the phrase “a vote to leave”, it is mentioned 140 times. 140! Look:



The Remain Ultras are right that we haven’t left yet, and that we don’t know for certain what will happen when we have actually left. However, the predictions from all of Remain’s experts have now changed from immediate, catastrophic doom to “we might get rich ever so slightly less quickly for a short period of time after we leave.”

You can bet that if they’d predicted that from the start, Leave would have won by a substantial margin.

It’s time to pack it in, Remain Ultras. You lost. We’re leaving. Most Remain voters have accepted it and moved on. Why can’t you?



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