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The Lib Dems want to hand the EU a veto on Brexit

Update: This has now been confirmed in their manifesto.

Tim Farron and his band of merry opportunists are advocating a second referendum on the ‘Brexit deal’, with an option to remain.


This is not as reasonable as it sounds, and would ultimately be a huge betrayal of British voters. Think about it.

If the EU knows that there will be a referendum on the Brexit-deal, and that if it is rejected the UK ends up remaining in the EU, they can simply obstruct and disrupt negotiations for 2 years, and the British people will feel forced to vote Remain.

Essentially, promising this second referendum hands the EU an effective veto on Brexit.

I’m not entirely surprised that Tim Farron is OK with that, though. He is an arch-Remainer after all – handing control of our democracy to Brussels is his thing.

Don’t fall for it. Brexit is happening. Let’s give Theresa May a strong government that can get the best possible deal in negotiations.

Vote Conservative in June.




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