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No, Britain has not fallen.


It’s a good word, efficiently describing the delicate portion of the Left who demand that anything that might threaten their faux-liberal echo-chamber is banned in advance, just in case they hear something that causes them to – God forbid – change their mind about something.

But what I hadn’t realised was that there are plenty of snowflakes on the so-called Right too.

As expected, there were various reactions to the horrendous Westminster terror attack last week.

There were the virtue-signalling Facebook types, who changed their profile pictures, shared memes in the shape of London Underground signs and defiantly typed solidarity hashtags to really show the terrorists who’s boss. Some of them even laid down the law (accidentally being pretty racist in the process) by saying how they have Muslim friends, and none of them are even a little bit terroristy!

Then came the single-issue politico types, who tried to link the attack to whatever it is they’re currently obsessed with. HyperRemainers blamed Brexit. MegaLeavers blamed the EU. CyberNats thought it was an anti-independence conspiracy. Not-so-closet anti-Semites blamed the J…erm… Israel.

But something I didn’t expect was the naked snowflakery displayed by a few so-called patriotic right-wingers. My timeline filled up with hysterical wailing that all was lost. Britain was gone. Life as we know it had ended. If I looked out of the window I would see barbarians pillaging our towns, burning our crops and taking our women. Katie Hopkins’ latest article popped up in my timeline several times.

It reminded me of this bloke from Lord of the Rings:


Well, this is what I think of that.


Snap out of it! Don’t you see this is exactly what the terrorist wanted?

This wasn’t an army – it was a fat, ugly, thick-as-pig-shit failure of a man with an axe to grind against the world who decided to go out in the most horrible way possible, taking good people with him.

He was a loser, as shown by his criminal record stretching back to the 80s, and he wanted to leave us thinking that he and his ilk had won, and freedom had lost.

It’s bullshit. He knew it, and you know it. So pull yourself together and stop acting like he was right, you’re even more embarrassing than the Facebook lot.

Yes, there is a serious problem with home-grown terrorists and the government needs to get its act together and make sure political correctness doesn’t stop us dealing with it. Yes, the EU have terribly miss-managed the migrant crisis and opened Europe up to terrorists posing as refugees (and no, before the self-righteous Left jump on the outrage bus, that doesn’t mean I think all refugees are terrorists, but we all know terrorists are hiding among them). Yes, the ‘liberal elites’ have peddled misinformation because they think the truth is racist, and that’s something that should worry everyone across the political spectrum.

These are significant crises that the UK and Europe are facing, and they’re likely to get worse before they get better. But the hyperbole that we’ve already lost the fight helps no-one but the terrorists, so pack it in!

Stop your hysterical wibbling, step away from the computer screen, stiffen that upper lip and go about your daily life like you would any other day. That’s the real British spirit, and that’s how we win.



P.s. If you want to ban someone from practising a faith, you’re not a libertarian. Just thought I’d point that out too.



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