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Why the “meaningful vote” amendment verged on traitorous

The Lords proposed an amendment – which Labour and the Lib Dems backed in the Commons – demanding that, after the negotiation with the EU has been completed, Parliament must have a “meaningful vote” on the deal before we leave.

They have already been promised this – a vote on the deal which, if they reject, means we leave with no deal. But that’s not what they want.

They want a vote in Parliament that means that, if the deal is rejected, the UK remains in the EU after all.

“What’s wrong with this?” Remainers ask, displaying the lack of foresight which, I suspect, lead to them being pro-Remain in the first place. “Surely if Brexiteers are confident a good deal can be done then there’s nothing to worry about?”

Sure, in theory it seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to ask, but it isn’t. It’s downright stupid.

I’ll put this as simply as I can. If Parliament are given a veto on Brexit in this way, then the EU simply has to obfuscate and disrupt negotiations for 2 years and Parliament will have absolutely no choice but to reject the deal, resulting in us remaining in the EU.

The same applies to if there is a second referendum “on the deal” as the so-called Liberal so-called Democrats advocate.

The Lords know this, though. This has been their intention all along. They want to tie the hands of the UK government in order to hand the EU a veto – and who would take the blame if this all came to pass? The government.

In my book, this verges on traitorous behaviour by a bunch of arrogant, unelected Lords  we’re meant to trust with peer-reviewing (geddit?) the legislation put forward by our elected Parliament.

Thank goodness we have a government and a Conservative Party strong enough to stand up to these underhanded tactics.

Theresa May – you are a godsend. Roll on Brexit.





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